Planning for A Bike Tour? Here’s the Guide

If you are going for a bike tour this weekend, there are a few items that you should carry along with you so that your tour is both safe and comfortable.

Items to be carried

  • Bike

You can’t go for a bike tour without a bike. Make sure that you get it checked properly in a garage so that it doesn’t create problem in your trip and makes your experience enjoyable.

  • Camera

For some people, taking photos while they are on trip is extremely important. You can use camera not for clicking pictures of your own, but also of people you are meeting so as to create memories. Moreover, you can click pictures of roads and share your travelling experience with others.

  • Pump

It’s important for a traveller to carry a pump along so as to be prepared for any loss of pressure or puncture that may occur. It’s an item for which you should be spending quality time in picking out. The pump which you are carrying must be light weight and durable. There are various options available at Pumps For Bikes, and you can go for one as per your requirement.

  • A Pair of Shoes

Though you will be spending most of your riding vehicle, but still you are bound to have a good time off the bike and walking around. Therefore, it’s important to get a pair of shoes that work both on and off the bike or you may carry two pairs, using one while riding bike and other one while walking on the foot.

  • Cell Phone

A few years ago, cell phones were a science fiction and if you needed to make a call at home, you must be carrying a calling card, then find a pay phone or a stranger with landline phone, for making call. Nowadays you have mobile phone with you which you can use for making call to anyone, that too at an affordable rate. It has not only enabled travellers to connect with their family and friends, but it also provides a safety net, so in case an unforeseen event occurs, you can easily call for assistance and get officials to your place in minutes.


Travelling is an important part of our life and we should be spending some time with ourselves travelling across the world and getting new experiences. However, it’s important that you carry all required items before leaving home so that you don’t end up spoiling your trip experiencing issues. Have a happy journey!

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