How to Fix The Broken Braces Bracket?

How to Fix The Broken Braces Bracket

Broken braces is one of the most common problem that orthodontic patients have to suffer from when using traditional braces. The wires and brackets that are present in them are extremely fragile, as a result of which they break when you

  • Brush the teeth vigorously or in an incorrect manner
  • Eat hard or wrong foods
  • Sustain any injury to the mouth
  • Floss roughly or while using toothpick

So, once you have identified that braces have been broken then do not panic rather follow the useful steps that are mentioned below

Understand What The Damage Is

First verify whether the wire is connected with braces or not. If it is still there then leave it as its place; however if it is not there rather hanging out then gently press it back towards the normal position. For doing so you can use a cotton swab. After that take orthodontic wax in order to hold the bracelet until you have arranged your appointment with the orthodontic. To book an appointment you can click here.

Know How To Take Control

Review the state of broken braces, and if there is too much wire protruding out then you can clip them with the help of nail clippers. Just gently get your hold over the extra length of the wire and cut it out with clippers so that it does not harm the inside of your cheeks or mouth. Once you have clipped the extra wire then just coat it with orthodontic wax so as to ensure that it remains in the specified position for a certain period of time.

Never Forget Interim Measures

Till you wait for your appointment with the orthodontist make sure that you take optimal care of the braces by following the required interim measures. Some of them are: washing your mouth often using salt water which would promote healing and eating soft foods like fresh bread, yoghurt and boiled eggs; so that further damage is prevented. Always avoid crunchy or hard foods like apple, sticky candies or raw carrots under these circumstances.

If the broken braces has resulted into sores then make use of effective products that would provide temporary relief.

Book An Appointment At The Latest

At last, search for those professionals who are available in town and thus can help you out immediately. For more information you can click here and get your appointment booked with Azamay dental & skincare clinic. The competent and qualified orthodontists of the clinic would address your problem in no time so that the broken braces does not result into any type of serious or permanent damage to your teeth and mouth.

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