Extensive Applications Of Drones

Drones are UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) which have been extensively used by Defense Agencies. Traditional drones used to be big in size, and usually were used as part of Military exercises and missions. A pilot can operate a Drone from a safe location and the drone would do reconnaissance missions and gather crucial information about the enemy bases through high powered cameras. Drones are still being used extensively by the armies of various nations to drop missiles and do other military stuff. If you want to know more about Drones check out this website www.drones.org.

Commercialization of Drones

Today, drones are being used commercially and for recreational purposes. These new age drones are small in size but pack quite a punch. They are generally a size of a toy remote controlled car, and very lightweight. Drones are based on a quad-copter design and are quite easy to operate and handle. They are fitted with various kinds of cameras and can record videos and click photos. They are fast and run on batteries.

Nowadays, drones are being used in various industries, few of them being:

  • Farming Industry
  • Military and Defense
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Recreational Purposes
  • Surveying and Mapping

Ease of Use

Drones are quite easy to operate, exception being Military Drones as they require skills and top notch equipment. Drones are commercially available and anyone with a smartphone can control them. There are several YouTube Channels where you can learn just about how much fun it is to own a drone. Even children can use it.

Guidelines for Recreational Purpose of Drones

  • Fly under 400 feet
  • Do not fly near an Airport or a Helipad
  • Do not fly near Power Stations and government facilities
  • Do not use drones for attacking animals
  • Do not click surveillance photographs of individual and government agencies
  • Check and Follow all local laws and Guidelines before you fly

Safety and Concerns

With the extensive availability of these small surveillance devices, many people have raised concerns about breach of privacy. Even though many laws have been passed about the use and operations of Drones, many people are now using small drones for illegal purposes. Many people have complained about people stalking them via drones and clicking pictures. No license is required for drones under 55 pounds. Many institutions have lodged formal complaints where small UAS were found trespassing on their property.

So, follow the rules and regulations and stay away from trouble when using drones.

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